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Time 2 Fly

Uncover your true identity and live your authentic self .

1:1 coaching, 6 month program.

ON TRACK online course

Gain the clarity that you need to take the next actionable step, so that you get to  reach your goals with ease, joy and flow!



Mindset Coaching Soulful Solopreneurs 50+

Happy New Year

I hope you got a great start to your new year, be that sitting in your pyjamas with a cup of tea, journaling, or being out and about.A great start[…]

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It’s easy to feel overwelmed, when you have important soulwork that you want out of your head and into the world. Sometimes we even give up, without fully admitting it[…]

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Why would you want your signature work out in the world?As you may know, I released the ON TRACK Map journal on Amazon on Friday 11.11.22 – Yah, happy dance[…]

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

I loved doing the ON TRACK Map, it got me thinking in all the corners of my brain that I don’t normally go. The intuition section was eye-opening for me, I think I found that while I don’t have trouble listening or identifying it, my biggest obstacles are ‘doing’ the things, because of fears around hurting or disappointing others because my ideas/decisions might be a bit unexpected/unconventional or something like that. Very interesting.

Pia Edberg

Book Coach, Author of “The Cosy Life with Hygge”

The ON TRACK Map is a wonderful place to start when one is beginning to work towards achieving a new goal.

At first, I was surprised that “Self Care” and “Intuition” were the first two success principles to address, yet by doing so I realized their importance. Without taking care of oneself or by listening to one’s intuition, one’s true vision will never be fully realized. I highly recommend the ON TRACK Map process – you will see the difference in your focus and results!” – Rebecca Dumas, World Traveller, British Columbia
Rebecca Duma

World Traveller, British Columbia

I feel it is so important to have a tool that holds you accountable to your goals. I love the way that the ON TRACK Map is mindful and doable in a holistic way. Being an empath, the ON TRACK Map helps me be mindful and navigate my goals in a whole new way. I am very much looking forward to use the ON TRACK Map in my everyday life as an artist and teacher. Thank you so much Michala

Jullie Qvist

Art & Magic