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I guide Sensitive, Soul-led Solopreneurs to EMOTIONAL FREEDOM so that they get to have their soul-work out of their hearts and into the world! 

Join "REMIND w/Michala" a 12 weeks transformational online group journey 


Below you’ll see my 3 signature offers, which one is for you?

Time 2 Fly

The promise of Time 2 Fly is that you get to release the blocks, which are holding your back from getting your soul-work out in the world.

3 x 60 minutes 1:1 Online coaching

REMIND – 3 Steps to Personal Transformation

Imagine what it would be like if you felt EMOTIONALLY FREE to let your soul-work be known?

Get it out of your heart and into the world!

A 3 months long online group coaching journey like no other, we include creativity as a tool for self-expression

Online program with 1:1 support.

ASK Michala

This service is for you who feel stuck, and what an answer to a burning question about your solo-preneur business. 

You get1- 3 suggestions/exercises that will help you move forward.
E-mail/and audio guidance.

Get your answer within 48 hours


For the Sensitive, Soul-led Solopreneur and those who vibe!

the POWER is in the pause

Wishing you a wonderful time for reflection – the power is in the pause – enjoy – see you on the other side of the holiday 🌟

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Join NOW, November 24, last day for Early Bird Price

Would you like to gain the EMOTIONAL freedom that you need, to get your soul-work out there in the world + so much more that will have you make huge[…]

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Pre Launch November 18

Super excited to be launching my newest online program: REMIND – 3 Steps to Personal Transformation! This program isn’t for everyone. I specifically designed it to support the Sensitive, Soul-led[…]

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

I loved doing the ON TRACK Map, it got me thinking in all the corners of my brain that I don’t normally go. The intuition section was eye-opening for me, I think I found that while I don’t have trouble listening or identifying it, my biggest obstacles are ‘doing’ the things, because of fears around hurting or disappointing others because my ideas/decisions might be a bit unexpected/unconventional or something like that. Very interesting.

Pia Edberg

Book Coach, Author of “The Cosy Life with Hygge”

The ON TRACK Map is a wonderful place to start when one is beginning to work towards achieving a new goal.

At first, I was surprised that “Self Care” and “Intuition” were the first two success principles to address, yet by doing so I realized their importance. Without taking care of oneself or by listening to one’s intuition, one’s true vision will never be fully realized. I highly recommend the ON TRACK Map process – you will see the difference in your focus and results!” – Rebecca Dumas, World Traveller, British Columbia
Rebecca Duma

World Traveller, British Columbia

I feel it is so important to have a tool that holds you accountable to your goals. I love the way that the ON TRACK Map is mindful and doable in a holistic way. Being an empath, the ON TRACK Map helps me be mindful and navigate my goals in a whole new way. I am very much looking forward to use the ON TRACK Map in my everyday life as an artist and teacher. Thank you so much Michala

Jullie Qvist

Art & Magic