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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Using your intuition (gut feeling) can be a great tool for decision making. When used well, it can even save you a lot of time and money. Unfortunately we often overrule it. This is especially true, if we are under a lot of pressure.

If you want to use your intuition more properly, the first step is to calm your nervous system down.

That way you will actually able to notice your intuition.

This applies, whether your intuition comes in the form a gut feeling, a vision that you see, a voice in your head, or simply knowing without knowing.

3 tips to help calm down your nervous system

  1.  Prioritize and plan = less stress.
  2. Move your body = helps calm your mind down.
  3. Keep a journal = helps you connect to your inner self.

In my program ON TRACK we will explore how to use Intuition for decision making more in depth.

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