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Daily Practice Solopreneur

NOW is always a great time to take your power back and create a NEW STORY!

Daily practice for solopreneur

Do you have a ritual for how to review your day and measure your own progress?

There are many great ways to do so i.e., celebrate your wins for the day (big or small), or do a gratitude journal.

What I also would suggest, is to simply ask yourself, if you are acting out of your CORE VALUES?

On any given day, you could identify how your values came into play.

And if it didn’t, perhaps tomorrow makes for a better day.

You could begin to consciously bring your values in action, by taking daily, doable action steps (big or small) that are aligned with your values.

Even a small step could make a big difference.

What do you think? Is this tip helpful, or do you have another other best practice to review your day and measure your progress?

If you found this useful but not sure of your values, I’m here to support you.

Don’t be shy. Please reach out to me by sending me a DM, and we’ll set up a time to do a free discovery call.