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BREAKthrough solopreneur

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Solopreneur coaching program

“No offence Michala but ever since we started working together, it’s just been going downhill.”

I see tears rolling down the cheeks of my client, but I smile and feel happy for her, because I know that she is exactly where she “should” be on her journey towards getting her signature work out of her head and into the world.

You may be thinking: “What the heck, isn’t a coach supposed to make you to feel good?”

Yes and no – there is a time and a place for everything.

What we don’t often acknowledge is that just like nature has its seasons, so do we.

From my point of view, as a holistic coach, we are definitely not designed to run our life and business on full speed 24/7.

Oh yes, we may attempt to do so, because that’s what we are mostly taught to do.

But here’s the thing:

  1. We need pauses to process our emotions and re-energize.
  2. Sometimes we need to break down in order to break though.
  3. True success isn’t entirely linear. Mostly it’s circular.

So, when a client experiences a breakdown, perhaps after a long period of stress, I actually feel happy for them.

So why do I feel happy for them?

I feel happy simply because I know that most often a big breakthrough is waiting to happen just on the other side of the breakdown.

In other words, quite often, we need a breakdown before we are able to breakthrough.

Another benefit of breaking down, is if we get to cry, perhaps sometimes for the first time in years.

A good cry will help release a lot of stress chemicals from your body, as well as held back emotions.

This is why, I’m actually a big fan of giving yourself permission to cry as much as you need to.

I know this is easy to say and sometimes not so easily done.

My message is simply that it’s perfectly healthy to have a breakdown and I encourage you to give yourself permission to cry as much, as you need to.

Not only will you feel better afterwards, quite paradoxically, breaking down will help speed up your progress.

In my opinion there is no “quick fix” – the only way out, is the way through!

Very simply put:

Sometimes all we really need for a breakthrough to happen, is to allow ourselves to breakdown and have a good old cry at least for a bit of time.

What do you think, does a personal breakdown promote progress?

In BLOOM coaching we take an “inside out” approach to success.

Right now I’m looking for 3-5 people to join the program.

If my approach speaks to you, please DM me to get further details.