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Journal Your Way to Success solopreneur!

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Today I want to share a simple tip that has helped grow my solopreneur business!

It’s so simple that you may even reject the idea that it could help you grow your business too.

But anyways here it goes:

JOURNAL your way to success from the inside out! It really could be that simple.

So in yesterdays’s Instagram live, I shared that I have been journaling since age 7 and how this habit has developed over the years so that today my journal has become one of the most important tools that has helped grow my solopreneur business.

Following are my 3 most important take aways from journaling, as it relates to growing my solopreneur business.

Journaling helps you:
1. Gain a lot more clarity.
2. Connect to your vision.
3. Understand what the next, aligned action step is.

When it comes to fully benefit from journaling, I recommend that you do a REVIEW of your journal each time you finish one of your journals because it is in the review that you will find the REAL power of a journal.

Otherwise, it’s way too easy to quickly forget about your newly found AHAs and insights.
However, once you make it a habit to do the review, then you can so much more easily remember the key learnings that you need to integrate and then take the aligned actions steps, one step at at time.
To put it short, your journal can be a very important key ingredient to how you grown your solopreneur business.

I will get into some more details about the “how to” some other time very soon.

But for now, I simply want to encourage you to begin journaling that is if you aren’t doing it already.

Ps. I’m preparing the BLOOM journal for BLOOM participants there days, if this is of interest to you, please DM me the world “BLOOM”!