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3 Tips to change habits

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Did you ever try to change a habit and then quickly slip back into the old one?

If so, you are definitely not alone. That’s why new years resolutions often fail.

Changing habits simply doesn’t happen over night.

It takes certain practices (repetition) and time to implement new habits but once you’ve learned how to master it, you’ll find that changing your habits get much easier with time.

So today I wanted to share with you, why it can be so hard to change a habit and also my 3 best tips for how to make it more easy for you to change your habits.

At its core, when you want to change a habit, you are also going to change your identity and how you see yourself (believe me, this is THE real big one).

And we also need to know that our subconscious mind has a BIG role to play, when it comes to shifting our habits.

To put it very simply, our subconscious mind does what you teach/program it to do and then it carries out the order.

When you want to change a habit, it is KEY that you get your subconscious mind onboard your conscious desire.

A very simple example of this, would be that of wanting to loose weight.

Your conscious mind may want to loose weight, yet your subconscious mind may not be onboard just yet – why that is, is a little too detailed for now but I will go into it in another blog post.

The bottom line is this, whenever we want to shift our identity (habits), we also get to experience a couple of challenges.

Common challenges with changing habit

  1. Old habits stick (in your subconscious) mind – not because those habits necessarily are the best ones for you but simply because that is what you’ve trained your mind to believe, by repeating it through your daily habits.
  2. We get to experience anxiety and worries because the new habits might not feel quite safe to our (subconscious) mind yet – you could say that our subconscious mind acts as kind of a protector to the old habits, its role is simply to keep you safe.
  3. We get triggered back into our old identity (habits) more easily, whenever we find ourselves under a lot of stress, or pressure + when everyday events happen that are outside our control.

But fortunately there are definitely some great ways to help you shift your habits more easily, and have your new habits become more permanent, so that they get to support you in reaching your goals.

In my experience, the below tips are by far the the 3 most effective ways to change a habit/identity.

3 tips to change your habits more easily

  1. Make a customized succes audio (self-hypnosis) very specific to your needs.

    Listen to it every day (trust me on this one, I’ve got decades of experience of doing this and nothing has proved quite as effective as this one, I’ve used this method on every single challenge that I’ve ever experienced in my life).
  2. Future journal /drawing about who you need to be to establish those new habits.

    Let’s face it:

    Often times to get to where we want to be in our lives, the shifts that we have to make, isn’t so much about what we need to do, more often than not, it has to do with “who we need to be” at an energetic level (making shifts isn’t necessarily about doing more, rather it’s a lot more about who you are being, when you are doing the doing, if that makes sense to you?).
  3. Get 1:1 support from a mentor, or vision keeper

    A great mentor can be life changing. If you are not ready to get a mentor just yet, it can also be very helpful to have a vision keeper. This person (the vision keeper) has to be someone who knows your goals in much details and am able to witness you + hold space, even through very challenging times.

    I will talk more about the power of a vision keeper in another blog post (this subject is way too rich to go into for now.)

Changing habits is all about establishing new, neural pathways in your brain and for your subconscious mind to understand what it is that you want and then for you to establish some daily practices that – by repetition – will help implement those new patterns.

Once those practices are in place, it gets to feel much more safe for you to change your identity.

Just remember the mind likes what’s familiar, so you’ve got to make the unfamiliar familiar by repeating the new patterns that you want to establish and do so on a daily basis.

If you are only taking away one piece from this blog post, then I want to highlight the importance of getting your subconscious mind onboard your conscious desire and to do so by establishing daily practices to support your goals.

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