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The Secret to Grow a Strong Mindset?

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Our mindsets are truly fascinating and have a huge impact on our ability to realize our dreams

I’m experiencing a lot of talk on the Social Media platforms about how to grow your mindset but what I feel is so often overlooked is that to be able to shift your mindset in a powerful way, you first need to feel calm and connected.

As someone who’s had her own fair share of finding herself in freeze state (an automatic defense mechanism as a result of stressful events), I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that no mindset work has ever worked for me, when I was under too much pressure.

My brain simply wouldn’t allow it.

Here’s the thing

Your brain is wired to keep you safe.

In my own experience it simply won’t let you do powerful mindset work, when it’s too busy trying to keep you safe.

Now whether what is causing you to feel under pressure/stressed is real, or imagined doesn’t really matter because the brain cannot distinguish between real an imagined.

To put it simply, the calmer your mind, the more easy it will be for you to do the mindset shifts that lead you to grow a strong mindset, for example by using visualizations, affirmation, or success audio programming.

A relaxed mind is simply much more receptive!

The simple solution

In my own experience, what works far better than trying to analyze and figure it all out, when your brain is already on overdrive, is to take a much more bodily approach and begin to establish daily practices, which will help calm your nervous system down.

Those daily habits like for example prioritizing to go for a walk of at least 15 minutes each day, may seem too simple to have a profound impact on your ability to get yourself into a calm and connected state of mind.

But don’t underestimate the power of simple daily practices.


Those daily practices could be the foundation that will help you grow a strong mindset

Not only will those habits (what ever you choose, could be a creative practice too) help reduce your level of stress, it will also get you into a much better “feeling state”, which has you feel energized and motivated to take your next step.

Fortunately the ON TRACK Map and it’s journal has got your back 🤩

I’ve deliberately designed the ON TRACK Map and its 5 success principles so that you get to establish a solid foundation of inner well-being and stay out of stress by establishing a set of practices that you can easily do on a daily basis.

If you are wondering what the ON TRACK map really is, you may want to consider it as a framework for personal development and planning, which helps you stay focused and empowered so that you can take the next step.

The release date for the ON TRACK map journal is now set to November 11, 2022, and I will do my very most to make it happen, so that you get to benefit from all of my best practices as a holistic minded solopreneur of nearly 2 decades.

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