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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Why would you want your signature work out in the world?

As you may know, I released the ON TRACK Map journal on Amazon on Friday 11.11.22 – Yah, happy dance 🤩

It’s been almost a decade in the making.

Needless to say that I’ve got lots to share with you about what it’s really like to put your signature work out there.

The bottom line that I want you to know is this:

It’s not about pretty, or perfect.

Done is so much better than perfect.

So why is done better than perfect?

You might think that the REAL benefit from getting your work out has to do with income, credibility etc.

While that is definitely very valid reasons, speaking from my own experience, the no # 1 reason, why I strongly advocate that YOU put your own signature work out in the world – that is if you have a dream of doing so – has to do with something a bit different.

In my opinion the REAL benefit has to do with YOUR level of well-being and self-confidence.

Here’s the thing:

If you have a book, or any other type of signature work stuck in your head so to speak (perhaps even for many years?) you may not consciously know, just how much energy that it’s costing you to hold it back.

In worst case, you may even start to doubt yourself because so far, you haven’t done what you intended to do.

No judgement here. Not at all.

All I want to say is this:

I guarantee that once you get your signature work out of your head and into the world, you’ll feel so much lighter and realize just how much ENERGY that is now being released.

You’ll get to feel so much more free and in the flow.

Maybe you can recall a time, for example, when you passed an exam and remember just how released you felt, once you’d passed the exam?

Not to mention the level of self-trust that you’ll built by sticking to your commitment.

It’s easy to quit behind your own back

I almost did, because there’s been so many ups and downs to it all.

But believe me, getting your soulwork out there, be that writing your first book, or putting together your soul signature online program, is well worth all of the ups and downs.

Never the less, it can be quite a tough and sometimes dark road to travel by yourself.

Yes, you can absolutely travel it alone but wouldn’t you much rather get the support that you need from someone who can save you many sleepless nights, time and money by sharing from her own best practices?

I’m here to support you, if you want to get your signature soul work out there.

Once you get my support, you get to see the road ahead in a much brighter light 🤩

Simply send me a DM me if you are interested, if you’d like to talk with me about how I can help get your soul signature work out of your head and into the world ⭐️