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Sophisticated Self-sabotage?

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

No-one wants to consciously self-sabotage❗️

Why would we want to be getting in our own way of having our dreams and goals fulfilled?

It can be hard to believe but here’s the thing:

You don’t know what you don’t know.

What I do know is this:

When you are unknowingly self-sabotaging, it could very well be your UPPER LIMIT at play.

Simply put what your upper limit means is that your subconscious mind is not yet quite onboard your conscious desire – in other words, there’s  a GAP between what you CONSCIOUSLY desire and what your SUBCONCIOUS mind belief and the strongest emotion ALWAYS that wins.

So if your subconscious mind doesn’t quite believe/feel that you’ve got within you what it takes to get what you (consciously) want, you may not allow yourself to go for it.

Keep in mind that your subconscious mind considers its job to protect you, it doesn’t want you to “loose  face”.

Getting in my own way just like that happened to me not too long ago.
Last year, I invested in a 6 months long program to create my own signature program.I did it all, went through the whole thing, beta tested it and all but you know what?

By the end of it, I didn’t feel truly excited about it at all and what’s the point of doing something that doesn’t excite you?

Today I recognize that in fact, I was just practicing sophisticated self-sabotage by creating a new signature program rather than sticking with my initial, true soul signature offer, which is the ON TRACK Map along with its online course.

You know  how I recognized that I was in fact sophistically self-sabotaging?

I know so because of the lack of excitement that I felt.

On the other hand the level of EXCITEMENT AND JOY that I feel, when I’m working from my zone of brilliance, is are sure indicators that I’m working that I’m on the right track, like it is the case with the ON TRACK Map.

How about you, can you relate, did you ever get side tracked and self-sabotage your soul signature offer?

A very common way to self-sabotage is to take on too much (tell me about it 🙂 

When you take on too much, it’s really hard to focus on the one thing that you are best at which could very well be your zone of brilliance.

What I suggest for you is to ask yourself the following question:

  1. “Do I take on too much”?
  2. “Could it be a sophisticated way to self-sabotage and get in my own way?
  3. “Is it because my subconscious mind is trying to project me from failure by not allowing me to experience the excitement that comes from working from my zone of brilliance?

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