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UNDERstand yourself

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Knowing yourself is key to creating a life and solopreneur business that you love ❤️

While there are so many ways to get to know yourself for example by daily journaling, which I highly recommend 🤩 I’ve found that the following has helped me the most:

✅ Understand your personality/type

✅ Understand your defense mechanism

✅ Understand your attachment style

You may be thinking “what’s that got to do with being a soulful solopreneur?”.

Well, I’d say that it has got everything to do with it ☀️

The premise of the ON TRACK Map teachings is that true success has to start from the inside out.
That’s why understanding yourself is key to your succes so that you can organize your solopreneur business to support your own, unique personality 💕

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