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Do you have a heart wall

NOW is always a great time to take your power back and create a NEW STORY!

I was surprised, when one of my mentors pointed out to me that I had a huge heart wall❗️

At the time being, I was completely unaware that I had a heart wall, let alone how much it was actually running the show 🙄

But here’s the truth:

I went bankrupt with my first business❗️

(I was one of the first pioneers in Denmark to do my own brand of aroma therapy oils, and to teach the wonderful benefits of essential oils.)

And eventhough this happened so many years ago, apparently a – subconscious – part of me had NOT forgotten the pain and struggle, I had to go through at the time of going bankrupt.

As a soulful solopreneur, I had poured my whole heart and soul into this business ….

So needless to say, not only did it feel heartbreaking, I also felt totally exhausted.

The buttom line is this:

A part of me was still trying to protect me from experiencing the pain again, consequently, I had indeed build a heartwall,

Which was in actuality hindering me from making the kind of progress in my present solopreneur business that I wanted to.

The GREAT news is that today, I have so many great tools to help heal the heartwalls that I’ve been carrying over the years.

Not only from the bankruptcy episode but from other disappointment that had happened over the years, which had added to my heartwall as well.

One of these great tools that I use to help heal the heart walls, simply is to draw the journey of where you are and to where you want to be❣️ 

Although this may sound too simple, even childish, to work well, please do not underestimate this most powerful transformative tool.

As simple as it may sound to you, I’ve witnessed the true, transformative power of drawing “the jouney” many times with my clients, as well as friends.

Drawing is such a great tool for transformation because, 

Your journey becomes:

👌 easy to understand
👌 meaningful
👌 memorable

If you are following me this far and my words resonate with you, 

I’d love for you to join me for the ON TRACK Map online course.


During the month of march – when you join the ON TRACK Map online course – I will draw your journey 

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