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Intuition, or Critic?

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

The no 1 way to distinguish your intuition from your mind chatter is to be in a well-balanced state of mind and being❣️

What I means by that is this:

If you feel stressed, your brain is overworking.

And there could be a lot of mind chatter and even critical voices going on.

Sometimes it can be difficult to separate the voice of your inner critic and that of your intuition 🙄

But this is what I know to be true about intuition

✅ it’s never critical
✅ it always has your best interest at heart
✅ it’s never wrong

That’s how you know that it’s your intuition speaking to you 🤩

What you need is to relax more, so that you can actually access the power of your intuition and use it for guidance.

This is why the ON TRACK Map is designed so that you start out by getting a well-balanced state of mind and being in place, as foundational to your success ⭐️

If you want to learn more about how to establish daily, doable practices that will help you do this, 

please join the ON TRACK Map online course ⭐️

Ps! You might have a heart wall that’s hindering you from accessing your intuituion

I can help you heal your heart wall by drawing it,  

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