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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Do you use affirmations?

I do. While I definitely believe that you should not practice positive thinking on top of old wounds and stories that need healing,

Generally speaking, I love the power of affirmations, 

especially when you customize it to address your specific need for affirmation.

Today’s mantra is greatly inspired by the French psychologist Emile Coue.

This has been an all time favorite of mine, ever since I read every book that was available to me on the subject of reprogramming your subconscious mind.

This was back in the eighties. We didn’t have the internet and not a lot of books available.

But I read every book I could hold in my hands and came across Emile Coue to begin with.

I encourage you to fill in the blank according to what you need to become great at, 

for example: listen to, trust and act on your intuition more often, 

Then use this affirmation every day for a couple of weeks, or for as long as you want to.

I bet you will notice a positive change in how you feel ❣️

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there’s a whole section dedicated to help you make the most powerful affirmations in the form of audio files.

It’s super simple and anyone can do it, you don’t need to be a hypnotherapist to get very powerful results.

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