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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Do you trust your intuition enough so that you to act on it?

Intuition can be a great tool for guidance❣️

I belive most of us acknowledge the power of intuition,

Yet a lot of the times we might not trust it enough to act on it.

In my experience my intuition is always right but I will admit that there where times, when I didn’t act on it.


I would say that being under a lot of pressure, or stress generally speaking weakens our ability to trust our intuition.


Because once you are under pressure your mind often play you a lot of tricks,

So that it can be hard to distinguish your intuition from the voice of your inner critic/chatterbox.

That’s why relaxing your mind is my no 1 tip to help you build a stronger relationship to your intuition,

So that you can actually 

1. Listen to it
2. Trust it
3. Act on it

For guidance which will have you experience much more ease and flow in your life ✅

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