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It’s NOT how you feel

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

It’s how you deal ❣️

Feelings are not facts, rather your feelings are there to guide

So rather that suppressing your feelings, begin to see your feelings as friends.

Get curious 🤩

What are your feelings trying to tell you?

By understanding your feelings, you will get useful information that will help take your power back.

Ok – I get it that you may fear getting lost in your feelings 🙄

But you don’t have to – just like you – your feelings simply want to be seen, heard and acknowledged.

In my experience as a coach of 2 decades working with sensitive, soulful solopreneurs the no 1 problem that I’ve seen holding back my clients,

Has been that of inner child wounds and suppressed feelings.

Which by the way, I am very familiar with myself, of course.

This is why in “New Story” my upcoming 7 weeks online course,

You will get the tools for how to powerfully deal with your emotions and turn feelings like i.e. powerless into pure personal power.

If this speaks to, you simple click here to learn more and join the waiting list.