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Relationship Success

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

It’s never about the other person❗️

When you take 100% responsibility (for your OWN part) in any relationship conflict, or issue,

You’ll find so much richness for developing your relational skill set,

Such as for example being able to set clear boundaries, making requests and be curious about what’s really going on, as opposed to just making your own assumptions (changes are that you are IN your emotions and from that state, we often make HUGE misconceptions). 

I’m not saying that every relationship should last.

Not at all.

As life moves on so do we and sometimes – for one reason or another – the relationship has to go be that a friendship, business, or romantic relationship – many relationships has a life cycle and not all are meant to “last for ever”.

But what I am saying is this

If you care for the relationship to last, please always take 100% responsibility for your part of the issue, it really does only take 1 person to change any kind of relationship❣️

Here are my 3 best relationship success tips that will help you change any relationship successfully rather than getting into conflicts.

3 best tips

  1. Always take 100% responsibility for your part of the conflict. Even if your part of the conflict is only 10% – then stay in your own lane and take 100% responsibility for your own 10%.
  2. Never assume that you know what’s going on. Rather get curious about the other person and ask open ended questions.
  3. Be able to shift perspective. Set your own feelings aside for a while and simply allow yourself to step into the shoes of another person and see the situation from his/her perspective.

Click here to watch the SHORT video that I did on You Tube.

(If you find these tips helpful, please share them with your friends and family).

You may be wondering WHY I am giving your relationship tips?

To put it simply, in my own experience relationship success is key to growing a soulful solopreneur business.

It doesn’t really matter what type of business that you have, by the end of the day, your ability to navigate the relational part to your business is key to your succes.

Can you relate?

This is also the reason why I will be including a whole bonus module on “Relationship success” in my upcoming online course:

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