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Age matters

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

How are you with your age?

I have to confess that I love getting older ❣️

Everyday in every way you get older and wiser.

Not that I didn’t like being younger, 

It’s just that I don’t have to make the same mistakes all over again,

Like for example,

– judging too much 🙄

– hanging on to old patterns that doesn’t serve me any more,

– Seeing some of my venture as failures, instead of learning from my mistakes,

And so the list could go on …

Today I’ve limited myself to my (so fare) 3 best tips

  1. Cultivate compassion
  2. Rejection = protection
  3. You learn as you go

(Read the captions).

How about you?

What 3 best tips would you give your younger self?

If you’d like some guidance on how to break your old patterns,

and create a NEW STORY,

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