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Your core values

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Today you get day 3 of the: “Create Your Best Case Scenarios” serie!

The purpose of this series is to help direct your focus in a more positive and empowering direction.

What values are driving you “Best case scenarios” *|FNAME|*?

Although the topic of values can certainly be part of a much bigger conversation,

For the sake of simplicity, 

I’ve boiled my own core values down to:

1. Freedom
2. Sustainability
3. Creativity

and every “best case scenario” for my solopreneur business and personal life are driven by these values.


Pretty simple. If those values aren’t met, I don’t really feel the deep joy and excitement that has me love life and be on purpose with my solopreneur business.

For example, I always found that creativity is the juice that inspires me to write and to create content to help inspire and support sensitive, soulful solopreneurs just like you.

But how about you

What values drives your best case scenarios?

Close your eyes for a sec, now imagine your “Case scenario” as if it had already happened, be that for example getting your first book published, signing up more clients for your program, or simply living your best life.

What are the values that has your heart sing and why are those values important to you?

If you’d like some clarification around your values, you might want to join an “ASK Michala” session.

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