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Imperfect action

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Imperfect action has become my middle name❗️

But it wasn’t always like that 🙄

When I was young, I used to work as a legal secretary in a prestigious law firm in Copenhagen and – for very good reasons – you are simply not allowed to make mistakes as a legal secretary.

It took me years to unlearn this, realizing it didn’t serve me in the work that I do now.

Today I truly believe that it’s far better to take “imperfect action” than no action at all.
And I have also let go of my fear of rejection wound, I realized that you cannot and should not please everyone.

Instead I find peace in knowing that:

“That which you seek is also seeking you”.

Well said by Rumi.

How about you?
Are you willing to take “Imperfect action”, or is it something else that you need to unlearn for you to create your “best case scenario”?

If you have any questions “ASK Michala” might be for you.