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Lack of evidence isn’t evidence of lack

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Let’s be real❗️Result may not always show up quite as fast as you would like it to 🙄

And maybe you even start to doubt, whether the “best case scenario” that you want in your life and solopreneur business is at all possible?

But here’s the thing

Having your vision come into fruition has to do with a combination of mindset, aligned action and timing.

Whatever it is for you, I just want you to remember:

Just because you don’t see the evidence YET,

It doesn’t mean that what you want, isn’t possible❗️

It may be that you’ve planted the seed but you just don’t see the flower yet.

So keep attending to your “Best case scenario”,

Water it with a supportive mindset, let go of perfectionism,

And take consistent “imperfect action”,

Then let time do its magic ❗️

Any questions on this?

Then “ASK michala” may be for you.