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(LAUNCH) Remind Living

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Today is the day, I am super excited to be launching the Remind Journal!

The Remind journal is an easy read of 48 pages packed with recipes, stories and suggestions for how to live a sustainable, simple and joyful lifestyle.

You will find recipes for how to make your own skin care products (even healing troubled skin like eczema), bake your own bread and make healthy, delicious food from the vegetables in your garden (or local market) for example apple lasagna, grandma’s apple pie and super snacks to boost your brain.

Most importantly I’m dedicated this journal to all of the amazing guest who have come to stay with me through Airbnb since 2016, I am so grateful to all of them for making it possible for me to live the lifestyle of my choice.

For you to get inspired, I have selected 4 solopreneurs, who are all making a big big difference with their heartwarming and creative work.

You’ll meet:

🌿 Sumire Sato, Clinical Psychologist from Japan –  Sumire has dedicated her life to help the Japanese Youth find ways to self-express in a system where creative self-expression is hard to practice.

🌿 Sara Toftegaard, Sustainable Home & Garden Designer, US – Sara has a unique gift in bringing beauty and sustainability together in her designs, she is taking a solid stand to improve the environment of our planet.

🌿 Heike Katala, Creativity coach, Germany – just like myself, Heike brings creativity and Airbnb hosting together and you can come paint with her home studio

🌿 Marian Lunah Sommer, Meditation teacher, UK – Marian is taking a stand for how meditation can help improve your life quality even if you only spend 10 minutes per day meditating.

Last but not least I couldn’t write a journal about the best practices of sustainable Danish hospitality and lifestyle without mentioning “Hygge” so I invited Pia Edberg the best selling author of “The Cosy Life with Hygge” to invite you into some Danish “Hygge”.

Click here to purchase the Remind Living Journal – it’s only EURO 7 and I guarantee that you will discover a lot more gold in this journal that you will from the bottom of an empty cup latte!