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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Sometimes we loose parts of ourselves, and we need to call it back home 😍

This summer, for example, I spent a lot of time in my “Back to Nature” tiny hut.

I found myself walking barefooted, looking up in the blue skye, and singing my own mantra songs a lot of the time.

It was freeing, I loved it, yet being back from my tiny home, and getting everything going, i.e. launching my latest book: “Remind living”, I almost forgot “the singer in me”, the joy of singing.

Perhaps you can relate?

What is a part of you that you lost along the way, as every day life is happening?

These days, I’m putting together “REMIND – 3 Steps to personal transformation” – a 3 months long online program, which is all about calling yourself home so that you get to live the fullest, free version of you, your true authentic self.

We start November 18, 2023 with a playful beta version.

Click here to learn more.