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Aromatic session (customized blends)

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Essential oils are a great way to increase your inner and outer well-being.

Based on nearly 3 decades of experience with essential oils – back in the 90ties I was a sought after aromatherapeutic workshop leader and the author of: “Lær at forstå og praktisere aromaterapi” – I offer aromatherapeutic session.

The idea is that you walk away with your own customized aromatherapeutic blend to be used as a natural perfume that will help increase your inner and outer well-being.

This is how it works

The aromatherapeutic session is an “on site” service, as I will have to get to meet you in person and present you to a couple of carefully selected essential oils, in order for me to make up a customized blend, uniquely designed to meet your individual needs.

I only use the highest quality essential oils.

What you can expect

  1. A honest conversation with Michala about your goals for the session.
  2. A simple drawing exercise (no drawing skills needed) to help reveal patterns in your life.
  3. A uniquely customized aromatherapeutic blend delivered in a 10ml roller.


The price of the session is DKK 795,- Euro 107, including the 10 ml. aromatherapeutic roller designed uniquely for you.