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Aromatic Session

What is an Aromatic Session?

An aromatic session is uniquely designed to clarity what need to shift for transformation to take place and to use the aid of essential oils to make it happen.

By focusing in on your emotions and energy, we will uncover which specific essential oils that will help bring you much more flow and ease, so that you reach your goals feeling much more energized and joyful.

Who is it for?

The aromatic session is for you who takes a holistic approach and would like a natural solution to boost your emotional and energetic well-being.

Based on 28 years of experience with essential to promote well-being, I am uniquely qualified to make you a customized blend of essential oils specific to your needs, so that it promotes flow to your energy system.

What essential oils can do for you:

  • Increase your emotional, mental and physical well-being
  • Promote flow to your energy system.
  • Boost your immune system.

What you get?

An aromatic session will give you:

  1. A personal 1:1 consultation/guidance with Michala Storm (1,5 hrs).
  2. A suggested set of daily practices to help promote more flow and balance.
  3. A 10 ml. roll-on aromatic blend customized to suit your specific needs.

What is the cost?

1 aromatic session of 1,5 hrs. will cost you EURO 200.

How does it work?

An Aromatic Session takes place in house:

Address: Mørdrupvej 99B, 3060 Espergærde, Denmark

Meeting though Zoom is also possible, if you are a long distance customer, or prefer online consultation.

Order your session

Call me at + 45 29 82 63 96, or click here to send me a private message to let me know that you are on, and I will send you further instructions.

Buy essential oils

Please click here, if you wish to buy essential oils from me.

You don’t need to purchase the Aromatic Session to buy essential oils from me, but should you decide to purchase oils from me (without the Aromatic session) I’m always here to answer any questions that you may have.

Call me at + 45 29 82 63 96, or click here to send me a private message. 

My story

Back in the nineties, I promoted my own brand of essential oils at various body mind exhibitions.

My first encounter with the amazing world of aroma therapy happened in Edinburgh i 1993 – I was touring the world and had decided to live in Edinburgh for a while.

Let me just say: It was love at first sight!

Since then I became one of the first pioneers in Denmark to teach how to use essential oils to enhance the quality of your everyday life.

Needless to say, I also “took my own medicine” along the way and through the daily practice of 28 years, I feel confident to say that I’ve gained an in depth knowledge of the benefits and safe use of essential oils.

My practical aroma therapeutic background in a nutshell

  1. Published author of “Lær at forstå & praktisere aromaterapi” (How to Practice Aroma therapy) – sold out from publishing house but available at Danish libraries.
  2. Own brand during the period of 1995 – 2000, I traded essential oils under my own brand called “micAroma”. My customers where the holistic industry, such as alternative practitioners, i.e. reflexologists + whole food stores. 
  3. Teacher I have taught how to use essential oils since 1999.