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ASK Michala (personalized guidance)

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Feeling stuck? Get feedback, personalized guidance and actionable tools from Michala

As a sensitive, soulful soloprenur, I know that you have all the answers inside ouf you!

Yet sometimes you hit a blind spot, and this is where I step in, for you to make a mindset shift that will have you break through so that you can finally get your soul-work out there in the world.

“Ask Michala” is a 1:1 service for the sensitive, soul-led solopreneur, who wants support on a specific issue right here and now, without having to join a group program.

What to ask


  • How do I get to I experience more EMOTIONAL FREEDOM to express my soul-work?
  • How can I get over my fear of being seen?
  • Why can’t I shift my limiting beliefs?
  • How do I conceptualize my soul-work so that I can make a living out of it?

What’s included

  • You get a deep dive inventory
  • You get feedback from Michala
  • You get 1 – 3 actionable tools that will help you break through

How it works

Want this?

  1. Click here to make your payment of USD 47 for one “ASK Michala” service.
  2. You will then receive the “Deep Dive Inventory” from Michala 
  3. Fill out the “Deep Dive Inventory and return it to Michala

Michala will then return to you with her suggestions, and feedback within 48 hours.