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ASK Michala

NOW is always a great time to take your power back and create a NEW STORY!

Get personalized guidance, exercises and direct feedback from Michala to help release your inner barriers to success so that you get to live your life and soulful solopreneur business from your authentic self and experience the true joy and inner/outer well-being and emotional freedom that you desire and deserve!

When it comes to deep, personal transformation there really is no quick fix!

“Ask Michala” is mainly for you who want to “go slow” and honor your individual, inner journey at a pace which feels exactly right for you (rather than join a “one fit all” group program), yet get the support that you need so that you get to accelerate your personal growth and experience true emotional freedom.

This is a highly individually customized service to fit your personalized need for support.

Although “Ask Michala” is not a “how to build your solopreneur business” kind of service, it will greatly help accelerate your business growth too, because once you release your personal inner barriers, it will have a profound and positive effect on your solopreneur business as well.

Michala will share with you her best practices and what has worked for her and her clients, as a a sensitive soulful solopreneur for more than 2 decades.

What to ask

Each inner journey is different, each result is different from person to person.

But following are a couple of examples of what you may want to ask:


  • How can I experience more emotional freedom so I get to live from my true, authentic self?
  • How do I relieve the inner barriers which is standing in my way of a success solopreneur business?
  • How do I break the pattern of feeling stuck in a “freeze nervous system state” and have more flow?
  • How do I heal my “mother wound” without blaming my mother?
  • How do I identify my own blind spots (shadows) and establish new, more empowering patterns?

Your benefits

As a result of doing the suggested exercises and feedback that you receive from Michala, you can expect to:

  1. Take your true, authentic power back, no longer feeling like you are behind.
  2. Have your solopreneur business be an expression of your true soulwork.
  3. Experience a lot more emotional freedom and flow in your personal life, as well as your business.

One of the advantages of this service is that you get to go as slow, or fast as you like. 


Ask Michala will provide for you the following:

    1. A deep dive inventory
      The inventory in itself (a deep dive into your values, mission and zone of brilliance), will help you gain a lot of clarity about what it is that you want and need for your “next level transformation” to happen.

    1. Eyeopening inquiries  
      Once you’ve completed the inventory, you must return it to Michala for her feedback.

      Based upon your reply, Michala will provide you with 1 – 2 exercises/doable daily practices for you to establish a new pattern that will aid your personal transformation.

      Once you’ve implemented those practices for a minimum of 2 weeks, it’s time to get feedback. 

      Simply fill out and send the enclosed feedback form to Michala and await her response.

      The feedback form will point you to your “learning points”, where your focus need to go and what competencies you need to cultivate, in order for you make it to your next level.

    1. Feedback + awareness on your blind spots
      Once Michala has gone through your feedback form, she will send you an audio file in which she point you to your blindspots and – if necessary – suggest adjustments to the practices that you have implemented.

How it works

  1. Purchase your “Ask Michala” service and receive a dive deep inventory from Michala.
  2. Send the inventory + your questions back to Michala, she will then reply to you with an audio file (or email) for you to go through at your own timing + 1 – 2 suggested daily, doable practices for you to implement.
  3. Once you have implemented the suggested practices for at least 2 weeks, you are asked to send back an enclosed feedback form to Michala.

    She will return to you with her final feedback and further suggestions (audio file, or e-mail).

The price of an “Ask Michala” session is EURO 97.

Click here to make your payment and book your “Ask Michala” session.