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Author: michala

NOW is always a great time to take your power back and create a NEW STORY!

Take your power back

Do you tend to set other people above you, as if they hold the power to your success? I know I have at times – even given my power away to well-meaning mentors, or friends. But giving your power away like that will not get you to where you want to be ❣️ What helps…
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Just take the next step

Want to take the next step and get your offer out of your head and into the world? If you are a soulful solopreneur, just like me, chances are quite high that you have a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and lived experience that you want to share so that “your people” can benefit from it.…
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Even if you are conscious that true success has to begin from the “Inside out” – for example by releasing limiting beliefs and old stories, Sometimes – especially if under a lot of pressure – it can be easy to give our power away,  For example by blaming outer circumstances for our lack of progress…
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Do you trust your intuition enough so that you to act on it? Intuition can be a great tool for guidance❣️ I belive most of us acknowledge the power of intuition, Yet a lot of the times we might not trust it enough to act on it. In my experience my intuition is always right…
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Do you use affirmations? I do. While I definitely believe that you should not practice positive thinking on top of old wounds and stories that need healing, Generally speaking, I love the power of affirmations,  especially when you customize it to address your specific need for affirmation. Today’s mantra is greatly inspired by the French…
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Intuition, or Critic?

The no 1 way to distinguish your intuition from your mind chatter is to be in a well-balanced state of mind and being❣️ What I means by that is this: If you feel stressed, your brain is overworking. And there could be a lot of mind chatter and even critical voices going on. Sometimes it…
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OWN your desire

As soulful solopreneurs, sometimes we loose touch with our desire. It can happen through disappointments and setbacks. Which may create a wall around your heart that prevents you from feeling your deep desire. It happened to me. Last year, I almost lost touch with my desire and passion for the ON TRACK Map and my…
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Do you have a heart wall

I was surprised, when one of my mentors pointed out to me that I had a huge heart wall❗️At the time being, I was completely unaware that I had a heart wall, let alone how much it was actually running the show 🙄 But here’s the truth:I went bankrupt with my first business❗️ (I was…
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Evidense Journal

When we want something, we haven’t yet had, we lack a reference point for fulfillment ❣️ It can then be all too easy to fall into the vicious cycle of collecting evidence from your past, as to why it cannot happen for you in the future 🙄 EVIDENCE JOURNAL Instead, I suggest that you take…
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UNDERstand yourself

Knowing yourself is key to creating a life and solopreneur business that you love ❤️ While there are so many ways to get to know yourself for example by daily journaling, which I highly recommend 🤩 I’ve found that the following has helped me the most: ✅ Understand your personality/type ✅ Understand your defense mechanism…
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