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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Draw your desires

One of the best ways that I know of to help create “Best case scenarios” is simply to draw it.You might argue that you cannot draw.I hear you.Neither can I but the great news is that drawing is not about “pretty or perfect”,It’s about bypassing the analytical part of you brain,The critical parts of you,…
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Source needs direction ☀️ If you want the needle to move in the right direction, it helps a lot to establish DAILY PRACTICES. These days, I’m focused on creating BEST CASE SCENARIOS as a daily practice. One of my favorite ways to direct source so that it can best support me, is to practice what…
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Age matters

Ask Michala

How would you like to be supported? As a sensitive, soulful self-led solopreneur, I truly love and appreciate the programs and mentors who have supported me over the years 🙏 However, without exception, there has always been one common denominator that definitely didn’t work for me.  Here it goes: ✅ too much content too fast ✅ not enough…
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New Story with Michala

(LAUNCH) – so happy that the first step in creating your new story with Michala is now online 🤩 Self-mastery is where you start 🌟 You get to take your power back by building a solid foundation of emotional and energetic well-being. Join me now at a drop dead delicious BETA version price, Including a…
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Your feelings just want to be acknowledged❗️ But that doesn’t mean you have to let them dictate your day. Say for example that you wake up feeling a bit grumpy. What you can say to yourself is this: “Eventhough I feel a bit grumphy today, I still choose to make it a great day Because:1.2.3.”…
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Keep peace

Follow this 3 tips to keep peaceful relationships! You get bonus relationship tips In NEW STORY – the 7 week to take your power back online course. Stay tuned for more goodness to come your way. NEW STORY will be launched in late August 2023. In the meantime, you are welcome to join the free…
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Don’t know about you but I actually find it painful to witness another person beat themselves up❗️ Instead, I simply suggest that you treat yourself with kindness. Click here to listen in on YOUTUBE (1 min). While there are many ways to treat yourself with kindness i.e. speak to yourself the way you would speak…
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Relationship Success

It’s never about the other person❗️ When you take 100% responsibility (for your OWN part) in any relationship conflict, or issue, You’ll find so much richness for developing your relational skill set, Such as for example being able to set clear boundaries, making requests and be curious about what’s really going on, as opposed to…
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3 tips to make it a great day

What is your best practice to set yourself up for a great day? I like to use the “Today is going to be a great day because” formular and I then add 3 reasons why today will be a great day. Try it on when you wake up in the morning and see how it…
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