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Your best year yet!

WINS solopreneur

Focus on your gain not your gaps! Too often we tend to focus on the gap, the results that we may not yet fully have. But how about focusing on the progress that you made? If you feel like you haven’t made any progress, I suggest that it’s simply because you haven’t looked for it.…
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Happy New Year Solopreneur

You may not be into superficial New Year resolutions, I totally get it! But how about setting goals that feel so motivating that it will get you up, early in the morning, even on a dark, December day? I’m curious. What is your most important goal for 2022? Personally, I’m still in the process of…
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Happy Holidays

HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON !!! Time to rest, reflect & do rituals – that’s my recipe for a Happy Holiday Season! What’s yours? If you need support with setting up some awesome goals for 2022 please send me a DM!

Goal setting the holistic way

Goal Setting Solopreneur

Would you like to have goal setting be much more motivating and fun?– a process of self-discovery and yet have your goals meet? For many of you, unfortunately goal setting rings an unwelcome bell of useless New Year resolutions and you simply decided that you don’t want to go there. I get it. I really…
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Accountability Solopreneur

Do you agree that accountability is key to reaching your goals? Studies indicate that you are likely to reach your goals 6 times faster when you are held accountable to your goal. One great way to do so is to establish an Accountability Partner Agreement. But here’s the thing: You need to establish clear ground…
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Do you know how to promote more flow to your work? Although this could be very individual, in my experience these are the top 3 factors: 1) PASSION for your work 2) PLANNING out the bigger vision and follow through with actionable steps 3) PEAK knowing your best work hours and take advantage of it.…
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Do you know when enough is enough? It is one thing to know this with your head. It is usually your body that gives you the signal. Get to know your body’s signals and learn to set healthy boundaries. It’s a win for everyone. Want to learn how to? Pm me for a complimentary 15…
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Do you believe that integrity is what makes the wheel go round in your business? I’m a firm believer that it is the small things that count, i.e. keeping your word. But sometimes you might have taken on more than you can chew. If so, now might be a good time to go back and…
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Woody Allen once said that 80% of success is showing up! Do you agree? What I like about this quote is that it’s encouraging. If i.e. perfectionism is holding you back, I would say “Done is better than perfect”. It’s better to show up with what you’ve got than not to show up at all.…
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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed i.e. by today’s information overload! Keep in mind: “Less is more”.  Ask yourself questions such as: “What is most important right now?” and leave the rest for later. It also helps to simplify. Get organized, clean out your clutter and sign off outdated newsletters that you may not need any…
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