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BLOOM – Let’s get it done!

Get Your Signature Offer Out!

What is BLOOM?

You may want to consider BLOOM like a “get it done now day”.

BLOOM is for the soulful self-leading solopreneur who needs support to finally get their signatur offer out of their head and into the world.

You may feel stuck, going around in circles, unable to identify your own blind spots.

What you want is to align with your zone of brilliance and take the next step with ease, joy and flow.

What you get

Based on my experience as a soulful solopreneur of nearly two decades – I have written 4 books and created several online programs, plus helped many of my client successfully put their signature work together – I will help you:

1.  Get your signature offer /vision together and help you with the copy.
2. Spring clean your mindset and get your subconscious goals aligned with your vision.
3. Create daily practices that will help keep up your commitment and momentum.

Rather than feeling like you are hitting a wall, or drowning in a cloud of confusion, you will be be given the guidance for how to turn your visions, dreams into reality with ease, joy and flow.

The Details

BLOOM takes place over Zoom.
Duration: 4 hours – preferably in one day (we do breaks), or 2 x 2 hours
Price: EURO 675.-

Click here to purchase BLOOM.

Extra bonuses

As a BLOOM participant – whether you join Michala for one BLOOM day, or continue to get follow-up BLOOM days as needed, you will be given access to online BLOOM curriculum portal with unlimited access to Michala’s best practices as a soulful solopreneur of nearly 2 decades. 

In the BLOOM curriculum you’ll find tools for:

  • Build Business Foundation 
  • Social Media Planning
  • Communication skills 

And so much more, all the good stuff will be uploaded to the curriculum as we go.