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BLOOM – 1:1 Coaching

Mindset + Embodiment Coaching | Solopreneurs 50+ | 1:1 Coaching Programs

Who is BLOOM for?

BLOOM (a 3 months intensive 1:1 coaching program for solopreneurs 50+) is a highly individualized program, primarily designed for you, who see yourself as holistic minded.

BLOOM is for you are into personal development and you like and understand the idea that personal and professional fulfillment has to come from the inside out.

You feel truly passionate about your dreams, goals and visions and you have many of them. 

But sadly, all too often, it all gets stuck in your head because you feel confused and overwhelmed by it all – you simply don’t know your next step.

Sometimes this makes you feel frustrated and alone in the world.

Because deep down, you know that what you have to offer is valuable to other people, if only you knew how to get it out of your head and into the world. 

What you really want, is to gain the clarity that you need, so that you could take the next step and turn your ideas into reality for the benefit of all.


By the end of BLOOM you will:

  1. Be crystal clear on your vision and goals and have an easy to follow map of what to do next.
  2. Get the “how to” turn you best practices into a concept, i.e. an online program, or a book.
  3. Gain a high level of personal mastery and increase your work flow with more joy and ease.

Rather than feeling like you are hitting a wall, going around in circles, or drowning in your own ideas, you will be be given the guide lines and method for you to turn your visions, dreams and goals into reality with flow and ease.


Studies has shown that when we are held accountable, we are able to reach our goals 6 times faster that we would on our own.

In other words, one of the keys elements to success is to get the support that you need.

But here’s the thing: You don’t want just any kind of support.

To experience true personal and professional fulfillment, it is very important to find a coaching program, which is the exact right fit for you.

If not, you may end up in a program, which will leave you feel disempowered, because you didn’t feel seen, heard, or understood.

BLOOM is lead by Michala Storm, who is known for her highly emphatic, yet powerful coaching style.

Michala knows the ins and outs of the inner, as well as outer, solopreneurial journey and has put BLOOM together based upon her own experience as a solopreneur of nearly 2 decades.

One of Michala’s core beliefs is to honor your individuality (you are a solopreneur for a reason, right?), so that you get to authentically express yourself in a professional way.


Michala will make you feel seen, heard and understod, and have you hold yourself radically accountable towards the fulfillment of your dreams, goals and visions.

There will be an additional BLOOM online group, so that you get the added support by sharing your experiences with other BLOOM participants.

The philosophy

BLOOM takes a holistic approach: 

  1. The journey as a solopreneur is a circular (not linear as we are mostly taught to believe).
  2. There’s an inner, as well as an outer, journey to successfully get your signature offer out.
  3. The key to your success and well-being is to get the support that you need.

What sets BLOOM apart?

There are many brilliant coaching programs out there today.

What sets BLOOM apart from any other coaching programs that you have ever come across is this:

  1. BLOOM takes a holistic approach. Consequently, a very large part of this program will be focused on personal mastery and inner well-being as foundational to success.

    You will learn how to manage your mind and master you energy.
  2. BLOOM is especially designed for solopreneurs 50+. You will learn how to bring all of your personal experiences and professional best practices into a saleable concept, so that both you and your clients/customers will prosper from your wisdom.
  3. BLOOM honors your individuality. Although there’s a sound structure to help support you in moving forward, at the same time BLOOM also allows for a full and creative expression of your unique personality and professional style.

    To honor you individuality this program is put together so that you primarily get the support in the form of 1:1 coaching sessions.

    But the 1:1 sessions is backed up by weekly group Q&A calls (for all individual participants), as well as one monthly master class, some times with guest teachers.

Content & form

BLOOM – 3 months 1:1 coaching program for solopreneurs 50+.

You get:

  1. One weekly 1:1 BLOOM session with Michala Storm.
  2. One weekly Q&A call (you don’t ever have to feel stuck again).
  3. One monthly mastermind call, focusing on energy and mindset mastery strategies.
  4. Access to the BLOOM course platform: best practices, easy to use templates and ressources.
  5. Introduction to the ON TRACK map – your road map to success.
  6. Access to the exclusive BLOOM Facebook group for additional support.

Included in the program also:

  • Michala will work with you directly to “get it done” i.e. writing your social media profiles.
  • One customized success programming audio to support your progress*
  • Extra bonus – You get a customized succes audio file
    One of the many benefits of BLOOM is that you stay long enough in this program for Michala to get to know you really well, so that she can support you the best.

    Based upon more than 2 decades of her own work around succes programming, she will customize a success programming audio for you, which will help support your progress.

    The success programming will be delivered in audio form and is included in the price.

    Please note that Michala does this only for her participants (it cannot be purchased on its own), as she feels that this requires an in depth understanding of your personality and history to make it truly powerful for you.

    This knowledge can only be obtained over time, like it does throughout BLOOM.


BLOOM is a high end program due to the highly individualized content and 1:1 coaching.

Pricing begins at EURO 2.490 (3 months 1:1 program) – monthly payment plan available.


If BLOOM resonates with you:

Please send an email directly to michala@michalastorm.com
to let Michala Storm and she will send you further details.