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BLOOM /VIP day – Let’s get it done!

NOW is always a great time to take your power back and create a New Story!

What is a BLOOM/VIP day?

BLOOM is a 4 hour “VIP/ let’s get it done” day, where you and I work closely, 1:1 to finally get your work OUT of your head and INTO the world 🤩

As a soulful solopreneur you may often feel overwhelmed and confused, like you are going around in circles, unable to make a decision so that you can fully focus on the next step.

Know that you are not alone. This is normal as a soulful solopreneur. There’s many exciting avenues to take, sometimes a lot of information overload + we simply cannot see our own blind spots clearly.

What helps is to get a set of outside eyes on your many brilliant ideas and to get 1:1 support that will help you establish daily practices, which will move the needle and have you and your business feel fully supported.

What you can expect

1.  A pre BLOOM/VIP day intake form to etablish what you would like out of our 4 hours day together.
2. A 4 hour customized BLOOM/VIP day over zoom. We work side by side.
3. 14 days of post BLOOM/VIP day email support and accountability.

This is your chance to bring anything to the table that has you feeling stuck.

– I.e. my specialty as a soulful solopreneur of nearly 2 decades, is to help you get your signature offer together (conceptualize your ideas).

I will directly help you do the copy work and put your signature offer together, as well as provide feedback during the 14 days post BLOOM VIP day period.

During the our 4 hours day together we will be taking breaks from Zoom as needed, and some times we work on separate tasks according to what’s needed.

For example, once we have established the outcome that you want (your goal), you may want me to go over some copy, while you work on the set up of say your online profile.

Then by the end of the day we bring it together.

The Details

BLOOM takes place over Zoom – you will receive the recording of the call.
Duration: 4 hours – preferably in one day (we do breaks), of 2 x 2 hours, or as needed.
Price: EURO 675.-

Click here to purchase BLOOM.

Extra bonus

Whether you join Michala for one BLOOM/VIP day, or continue to get follow-up BLOOM/VIP days as needed, you will be given access to the online BLOOM portal with unlimited access to Michala’s best practices as a soulful solopreneur of nearly 2 decades. 

In the BLOOM curriculum you’ll find tools for:

  • Build Business Foundation 
  • Social Media Planning
  • Communication skills 

And so much more, all the good stuff will be uploaded to the portal as we go.