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Draw Your Best Life

Because your goals matter!

Who is Draw Your Best Life For?

  1. You could be a solopreneur, or wanting to become one.
  2. Maybe you are working in the corporate world, as part of a team
  3. Or you could be in between jobs looking for your next step

How does it work?

The Draw Your Best Life Session is a 3 step process, you will learn how to:

  1. GAIN CLARITY – use a very specific drawing technique to discover your goal
  2. SET YOUR GOAL – use visual images to set your goals
  3. GET INTO ACTION – plan your next step with the ON TRACK map
Draw your goals
Student doing a simple warm up exercise

Why does Draw Your Best Life Work?

  1. It helps you come up with NEW – and often unexpected -solutions.
  2. You will be able to remember you goals a lot better + have it be meaningful.
  3. It’s good exercise for your brain, it helps establish new patterns.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

When you join a Draw Your Best Life Session you will:

  1. Learn very specific drawing techniques to help you uncover your goals.
  2. Templates and teaching for how to do visual language for your goals.
  3. Access to the ON TRACK map, so that you can plan your next step.

What are the options?

You have a couple of options if you would like to join a Draw Your Best Life session:

  1. One 1:1 Draw Your Best Life session, EURO 149 – 90 minutes 
  2. Package of 3 x 60 minutes 1:1 Draw Your Best Life – including access to the ON TRACK online course (value USD 97) – EURO 297.
  3. Access to the Draw Your Life FB group with ongoing support from Michala Storm.

Unless you are a Danish Citizen, all Draw Your Best Life calls takes place over Zoom, or Skype of your choice.

What is Draw Your Best Life Anyways?

Simply put Draw Your Best Life is about using various drawing techniques, images and words to create a visual representation of your goals.

The advantage is that your goal becomes more meaningful and memorable.

While I have certainly found drawing techniques to be highly effective when it comes to reaching your goals (drawing makes your mind relax, so that your inner wisdom is able to come though), I am also a firm believer in additional structure and plan of action.

This is the reason why I have created the ON TRACK Map

To support you in taking your next step, so that you can reach your goals.

Who is it for?

Draw Your Best Life is not about perfection, it is about progress!

Draw Your Best Life is for everyone who is looking for a fun, creative and effective way to reach their goals. 

You may be tired of trying to overthink your next step, ready to try something new.

Please know that you do NOT need to be creative, or good at drawing to benefit greatly from the Draw Your Best Life session.


Please call me a + 45 29 82 63 96, if you have any questions at all.

Visual Goal Setting

Or reach out to me at michala@michalastorm.com