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Focus Session

What is a Focus Session?

A Focus session is an evaluation process, which will help you gain the clarity that you need to know your right next step!

You will be taken through 4 powerful inquires to help cast a light on your progress, as well as your pitfalls, so that you get to forward your “lessons learned” into action.

A Focus session will help bring you clarity about your right next step, any time you need it, i.e. you feel stuck and uncertain about what to do next but it is also recommended that you do it by the end of each year + mid year.

A focus session is time well spend and will help you make more progress!

What you get

  1. A focus session with Michala Storm (1,5 hrs).
  2. A focus journal with the 4 inquiries.
  3. A specific plan for your next step.

This process is available online through zoom, or in person.


“Michala is a master at developing very simple yet very powerful process tools.

Despite of the simplicity, it’s not necessarily easy. But it’s exactly the “in the bones” aspect that makes it such a profound experience.

The 4 inquiries helped me gain the clarity that I needed to know my next step. I highly recommend that you do a Focus Wheel Session, if you are looking to gain clarity on what to do next.

The Focus Wheel is process tool that I will be going back to over and over again.”
Lone de Bie.

What is the cost?

The cost of one Focus Wheel session is EURO 200 to be paid prior to our call.

How to book your session

  1. Click here to make your payment.
  2. Click here to send me a message that you are onboard.
  3. Once I have received your payment, you will receive a link to schedule our call.

Please click here to reach out to me, if you have any questions!