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NEW STORY – take your power back!

NOW is always a great time to take your power back and create a New Story!

This is for you who:

  1. Would like to take your personal power back by creating a NEW STORY.
  2. Are going through transformation but still have blocks (parts of you) that are holding you back from fully showing up in life and business.
  3. Want the support from a mentor who is walking her talk and taking her own medicine.

We will be including, nervous system regulation exercises, parts integration, as well as journaling/sketching exercises (no previous skills required) + subconscious reprogramming (guided vizualisations).

This will help you take aligned action so that you get to create your NEW STORY.

The structure of the program is based on the 5 ON TRACK success principles:

  1. Self-mastery
  2. Intuition
  3. Mind Mastery
  4. Visibility
  5. Aligned action

These 5 principles are there to help support your mind, body and soul in establishing daily, doable habits and practices that will help you enjoy the journey and accomplish the desired results.

Join the waitlist for this 7 weeks transformational journey for sensitive, soulful solopreneurs.

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I anticipate that we will start up officially in August but to warm up, I courage you to join the free NEW STORY fb group.

Click here to join NEW STORY the free fb group.

About the clients that I serve best, is this you?

For the most part, the clients that I’ve served now for almost 2 decades, has been highly sensitive, solopreneurs.

A common theme among my clients has been that of healing inner child issues (i.e. mother wound for example growing up with an emotionally unavailable mother) – I deeply resonate with these themes and because of my own lived experience, I am able to see your wounds and hold space for your transformation to happen.

If you are into Human Design, it might be helpful for you to also know that I’m an emotional projector 2/4, and that I’m a certified in Reiki 1 as well.

I am here to lead, guide and direct you on your transformational journey so that you get to take your power back and live from your zone of brilliance.