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NEW STORY – Take Your Power Back!

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

This online course is for you who:

  1. Want to take your power back (versus feeling overwhelmed and confused) so that you get to live your life and business from your true, authentic self.
  2. Are going through transformation but still have blocks (parts of you) that are holding you back from fully showing up in your life and solopreneur business.
  3. Want the support from a guide who is walking her talk and taking her own medicine.

We will be including, nervous system regulation exercises, parts integration, as well as journaling/sketching exercises (no previous skills required) + subconscious reprogramming (guided visualizations).

The full NEW STORY program is based on the 5 success principles:

  1. Self-mastery
  2. Intuition
  3. Mind Mastery
  4. Visibility
  5. Aligned action

Each success principle will be offered as a separate online course with a complete curriculum on its own.

So far success principles 1: Self-mastery is available to you

Click here to learn more.

The remain of the online courses (2-4) and the entire NEW STORY online course will become available during the fall of 2023.

About you

For the most part, the clients that I’ve served now for almost 2 decades, have been highly sensitive, soulful solopreneurs.

A common theme among my clients has been that of healing inner child issues (i.e. mother wound for example growing up with an emotionally unavailable mother).

– I deeply resonate with these themes and because of my own lived experience, I am able to see your blind spots and hold space for your transformation to happen.

(I estimate that 80% of the journey to success is that of an inner journey which requires mindset shift, nervous system regulation and energetic alignment to help you take your power back.

Once you move through your blocks, it all get to feel so much more joyful, like “a piece of cake” in comparison with the running your business from the old mindset and story.)