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ON TRACK Session

Because your goals matter!

What is an ON TRACK session?

The ON TRACK Session is a session that helps you gain clarity and focus on your goals and map out what next steps you need to take to reach your goals.

You will learn how to use the ON TRACK Map and explore its 5 success principles.

An ON TRACK session is very well suited for you who have already taken the ON TRACK online course but are looking for additional support.

But you are also very welcome if this is your first time exploring the ON TRACK Map.

Who is it for?

The ON TRACK session is for you, if you:

  1. Feel confused and overwhelmed. You need clarity and focus as your  head is spinning around with so many ideas that you simply don’t know which next step to take.
  2. Are looking to a holistic approach to goal setting. Rather than spinning your wheels and burning yourself out you want simple, doable, down to earth steps that will have you reach your goals in a sustainable way.
  3. You recognize the value of accountability, support and inspiration from a mentor, who has walked her own talk for nearly 2 decades.

What is the cost?

The ON TRACK session with Michala was a very powerfully, positive and self-illuminating experience.” Kate Wolverhampton, England

My aim is to offer the ON TRACK session at reasonable prices.

You have two options. You can either purchase 1 session, so that you get to explore if this is the right fit for you.

Or if you already now that this is for you, you could purchase a 3 sessions package.


1 TRACK session of 60 minutes is EURO 97,-

3 ON TRACK Sessions, each of 60 minutes, is EURO 259,-
(you save EURO 32)

In my experience, both models works.

Some times all you really need is one session, I have certainly benefited from just one mentor session myself.

Having said that, most REAL transformation happens over time, so you might want to take advantage of the savings and book 3 sessions.

How to book your session

  1. Make your payment by clicking the above button.

    Once I have received you payment, you will receive a link to schedule our call + a preparatory ON TRACK sheet.

  2. Do the ON TRACK preparatory sheet and send it to me at michala@michalastorm.com 24 hrs. before our call.
  3. Your ON TRACK call will take place over zoom on the agreed date.

Please reach out to me at michala@michalastorm.com if you have any questions!