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REMIND (Online Group Course)

NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

REMIND – 3 Steps to Personal Transformation!

A transformational 12 week online course for the sensitive, soul-led solopreneur, who wants to gain the emotional freedom needed to express their authentic self through their solopreneur business.

What you get

This first BETA version of “REMIND – 3 Steps to Personal Transformation” is a 12 week long online journey for the sensitive, soul-led soulopreneur.

It is for you who is basically self-led but would love to get the kind of support and guidance that will help speed up the personal transformation that you seek,

Be that for example expressing your fullest, most authentic version of yourself through art work, or finally put pen to paper and write your first book, or perhaps design your online “best practices” program.

The REMIND curriculum is designed to support you by using the cyclical nature of the REMIND model as a tool for transformation.

the REMIND model has the following 3 cyclical principles:

  1. Call yourself home
  2. Call yourself forth
  3. Process (release as you go)

How it works

By joining the REMIND – 3 steps to personal transformation, you get full access to:

  • the REMIND model and curriculum
  • the REMIND workbook
  • 2 x 45 minutes REMIND 1:1 coaching calls with Michala v
  • By weekly coaching calls
  • By weekly Q & A calls
  • Voxer support during the week (including extra bonuses and surprises)
  • Access to the REMIND FB group

Additional bonuses:

  • Bonus # 1: 7 daily practices for increasing your energy flow
  • Bonus # 2: REMIND – 3 Steps to Conflict Resolution
  • Bonus # 3: “Procrastination” ebook by Michala Storm

Who this is for

This online course isn’t for everyone, it’s specifically for you, if you can relate to one or more of the following: 

✅ You are a highly sensitive, soul-led solopreneur and have done quite a bit of inner work

✅ You feel overwhelmed, sometimes stuck and would like to gain some more clarity

✅ You have a deep desire to bring your work out in the world, your work is an expression of your soul

✅ You are willing to do the work, and take a deep dive into your personal stories and limiting beliefs

✅ You know you could do it alone but you’d much rather get the support that you need

✅ You love to use creativity for your work, you might be a writer, or otherwise creative person

✅ You are holistically minded,  and understand the link between body, mind and soul

Your investment

Your total investment to join the REMIND – 3 steps to personal transformation is normally USD 777, but on the LAUNCH DATE, November 18, 2023 the price is only USD 7.

Click here to join.