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Because your goals matter!

Book: Procrastination – 15 Strategies to OverCome Procrastination today!

Is procrastination holding you back from reaching your goals?

How this book will help you unstuck and successfully reach your goals:

  1. Understand the reasons why you procrastinate.
  2. Learn 15 simple, doable strategies that will have you stop procrastinating.
  3. Learn from 4 expert interview, get their best strategies to overcome procrastination.

This book was written on a 3 month working holiday in the US.

I finally stopped procrastinate getting my book written. My secret was to commit to get the book written as I at in a far corner of café Juice & Java in the amazing small town, Pacific Crove, California.

It took a lot of coffee and kindness from the café owners but Procrastination was finally born.

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