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Because your goals matter!

Book: Procrastination – 15 Strategies to OverCome Procrastination today!

Is procrastination holding you back from reaching your goals?

How this book will help you unstuck and successfully reach your goals:

  1. Understand the reasons why you procrastinate.
  2. Learn 15 simple, doable strategies that will have you stop procrastinating.
  3. Learn from 4 expert interview, get their best strategies to overcome procrastination.

This book was written on a 3 month working holiday in the US.

I finally stopped procrastinate. I got the book out of my head and into the world.

My secret to getting Procrastination written was to commit to writing. Every day at the same hour, you would find me sitting at a far corner of café Juice & Java. in the amazing small town, Pacific Crove, California.

It took a lot of coffee and kindness from the café owners the local people but Procrastination was finally born.

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