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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Pre Launch November 18

Super excited to be launching my newest online program: REMIND – 3 Steps to Personal Transformation! This program isn’t for everyone. I specifically designed it to support the Sensitive, Soul-led Solopreneur in getting their soul-work out of their head and into the world. If this sounds like you, simple send me a DM and I…
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Sometimes we loose parts of ourselves, and we need to call it back home 😍 This summer, for example, I spent a lot of time in my “Back to Nature” tiny hut. I found myself walking barefooted, looking up in the blue skye, and singing my own mantra songs a lot of the time. It…
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(LAUNCH) Remind Living

Today is the day, I am super excited to be launching the Remind Journal! The Remind journal is an easy read of 48 pages packed with recipes, stories and suggestions for how to live a sustainable, simple and joyful lifestyle. You will find recipes for how to make your own skin care products (even healing troubled…
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Imperfect action

Imperfect action has become my middle name❗️But it wasn’t always like that 🙄 When I was young, I used to work as a legal secretary in a prestigious law firm in Copenhagen and – for very good reasons – you are simply not allowed to make mistakes as a legal secretary. It took me years…
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Lack of evidence isn’t evidence of lack

Let’s be real❗️Result may not always show up quite as fast as you would like it to 🙄 And maybe you even start to doubt, whether the “best case scenario” that you want in your life and solopreneur business is at all possible? But here’s the thing Having your vision come into fruition has to…
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Favorite quotes

The purpose of the “Best Case Scenario” series is to help direct your focus in a more positive and empowering direction. And I love how words can support our mindset and have it grow stronger, so today I’m sharing one of my favorite quotes by Rumi to help inspire you: “That which you seek is…
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Your core values

Today you get day 3 of the: “Create Your Best Case Scenarios” serie! The purpose of this series is to help direct your focus in a more positive and empowering direction. What values are driving you “Best case scenarios” *|FNAME|*? Although the topic of values can certainly be part of a much bigger conversation, For…
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Draw your desires

One of the best ways that I know of to help create “Best case scenarios” is simply to draw it.You might argue that you cannot draw.I hear you.Neither can I but the great news is that drawing is not about “pretty or perfect”,It’s about bypassing the analytical part of you brain,The critical parts of you,…
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Source needs direction ☀️ If you want the needle to move in the right direction, it helps a lot to establish DAILY PRACTICES. These days, I’m focused on creating BEST CASE SCENARIOS as a daily practice. One of my favorite ways to direct source so that it can best support me, is to practice what…
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Age matters