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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Age matters

New Story with Michala

(LAUNCH) – so happy that the first step in creating your new story with Michala is now online 🤩 Self-mastery is where you start 🌟 You get to take your power back by building a solid foundation of emotional and energetic well-being. Join me now at a drop dead delicious BETA version price, Including a…
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Keep peace

Follow this 3 tips to keep peaceful relationships! You get bonus relationship tips In NEW STORY – the 7 week to take your power back online course. Stay tuned for more goodness to come your way. NEW STORY will be launched in late August 2023. In the meantime, you are welcome to join the free…
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Who are the happiest people in the world?” This question got posed to me over breakfast by Manon – a wonderful airb guest who had arrived from Quebec, to relax for a couple of days. As we were having breakfast at the deck, we soon got into a facinating conversation about happiness. (After all, as…
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New Story

If you like many of us, myself included, find yourself on a transformational journey, Chances are that there will be PARTS of you who are not yet ready for the transformation that you seek to create 🙄 The good news is this There are tools that will greatly help you move forward so that you…
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Do you trust your intuition enough so that you to act on it? Intuition can be a great tool for guidance❣️ I belive most of us acknowledge the power of intuition, Yet a lot of the times we might not trust it enough to act on it. In my experience my intuition is always right…
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Do you use affirmations? I do. While I definitely believe that you should not practice positive thinking on top of old wounds and stories that need healing, Generally speaking, I love the power of affirmations,  especially when you customize it to address your specific need for affirmation. Today’s mantra is greatly inspired by the French…
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Evidense Journal

When we want something, we haven’t yet had, we lack a reference point for fulfillment ❣️ It can then be all too easy to fall into the vicious cycle of collecting evidence from your past, as to why it cannot happen for you in the future 🙄 EVIDENCE JOURNAL Instead, I suggest that you take…
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UNDERstand yourself

Knowing yourself is key to creating a life and solopreneur business that you love ❤️ While there are so many ways to get to know yourself for example by daily journaling, which I highly recommend 🤩 I’ve found that the following has helped me the most: ✅ Understand your personality/type ✅ Understand your defense mechanism…
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Do you question your assumptions?

Not too long ago, I noticed that I felt a bit stuck 🙄 I couldn’t quite get to the root of it, until I noticed the underlying feeling of “powerless”. Hello “old story”❗️ Fortunately, I know exactly how to deal with it 🙏 So I took my own medicine and realized that my feeling of…
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