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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!

Join NOW, November 24, last day for Early Bird Price

Would you like to gain the EMOTIONAL freedom that you need, to get your soul-work out there in the world + so much more that will have you make huge progress? Then come join us for the REMIND – 3 Steps to Personal Transformation online course.  Tomorrow is the last chance to join us, at the…
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Imperfect action

Imperfect action has become my middle name❗️But it wasn’t always like that 🙄 When I was young, I used to work as a legal secretary in a prestigious law firm in Copenhagen and – for very good reasons – you are simply not allowed to make mistakes as a legal secretary. It took me years…
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Lack of evidence isn’t evidence of lack

Let’s be real❗️Result may not always show up quite as fast as you would like it to 🙄 And maybe you even start to doubt, whether the “best case scenario” that you want in your life and solopreneur business is at all possible? But here’s the thing Having your vision come into fruition has to…
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Get the suppor that you need

Today you get day 5 of the: “Create Your Best Case Scenarios” serie! The purpose of this series is to help direct your focus in a more positive and empowering direction. It is said that we are 5 times more likely to reach our goals, when we get the support that we need, and obviously…
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Your core values

Today you get day 3 of the: “Create Your Best Case Scenarios” serie! The purpose of this series is to help direct your focus in a more positive and empowering direction. What values are driving you “Best case scenarios” *|FNAME|*? Although the topic of values can certainly be part of a much bigger conversation, For…
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Source needs direction ☀️ If you want the needle to move in the right direction, it helps a lot to establish DAILY PRACTICES. These days, I’m focused on creating BEST CASE SCENARIOS as a daily practice. One of my favorite ways to direct source so that it can best support me, is to practice what…
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Ask Michala

How would you like to be supported? As a sensitive, soulful self-led solopreneur, I truly love and appreciate the programs and mentors who have supported me over the years 🙏 However, without exception, there has always been one common denominator that definitely didn’t work for me.  Here it goes: ✅ too much content too fast ✅ not enough…
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New Story with Michala

(LAUNCH) – so happy that the first step in creating your new story with Michala is now online 🤩 Self-mastery is where you start 🌟 You get to take your power back by building a solid foundation of emotional and energetic well-being. Join me now at a drop dead delicious BETA version price, Including a…
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Who are the happiest people in the world?” This question got posed to me over breakfast by Manon – a wonderful airb guest who had arrived from Quebec, to relax for a couple of days. As we were having breakfast at the deck, we soon got into a facinating conversation about happiness. (After all, as…
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Do you ever struggle to get more flow into your life and have it all go more smoothly? I know I have. But what I’ve found is that rather than forcing what ever you want to happen to come through – REAL power has NO force – I choose to SURRENDER. And I use this…
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