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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!


Who are the happiest people in the world?” This question got posed to me over breakfast by Manon – a wonderful airb guest who had arrived from Quebec, to relax for a couple of days. As we were having breakfast at the deck, we soon got into a facinating conversation about happiness. (After all, as…
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It’s NOT how you feel

It’s how you deal ❣️ Feelings are not facts, rather your feelings are there to guide So rather that suppressing your feelings, begin to see your feelings as friends. Get curious 🤩 What are your feelings trying to tell you? By understanding your feelings, you will get useful information that will help take your power…
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New Online Course

Ready to create a NEW STORY? Join my upcoming 7 weeks online course and learn how to take your power back 🌟 This course is especially well suited for you who is a sensitive, soulful solopreneur. We will be including nervous system regulation, creative exercises (no skills required) as well as subconcious reprograming to help you…
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My birthday is coming up and I was considering to do a give away 🇩🇰 But instead I wanted many more people to experience the benefit that comes from implementing the ON TRACK Map and its guiding success principles. + get a 40 minutes 1:1 coaching session with me, where you get to bring any…
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Do you trust your intuition enough so that you to act on it? Intuition can be a great tool for guidance❣️ I belive most of us acknowledge the power of intuition, Yet a lot of the times we might not trust it enough to act on it. In my experience my intuition is always right…
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Do you have a heart wall

I was surprised, when one of my mentors pointed out to me that I had a huge heart wall❗️At the time being, I was completely unaware that I had a heart wall, let alone how much it was actually running the show 🙄 But here’s the truth:I went bankrupt with my first business❗️ (I was…
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Do you feel safe to receive?

If I would have asked myself, if my nervous system felt safe to receive my desires, just a couple of years ago, my answer would have been “yes”. Fortunately, today I know a whole lot better 🙏 Because the truth is, I may THINK that I feel safe but my body and nervous system often…
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The Secret to Grow a Strong Mindset?

Our mindsets are truly fascinating and have a huge impact on our ability to realize our dreams I’m experiencing a lot of talk on the Social Media platforms about how to grow your mindset but what I feel is so often overlooked is that to be able to shift your mindset in a powerful way,…
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