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NOW is always a great time to REMIND yourself of who you are!


Sometimes we loose parts of ourselves, and we need to call it back home 😍 This summer, for example, I spent a lot of time in my “Back to Nature” tiny hut. I found myself walking barefooted, looking up in the blue skye, and singing my own mantra songs a lot of the time. It…
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Age matters


Your feelings just want to be acknowledged❗️ But that doesn’t mean you have to let them dictate your day. Say for example that you wake up feeling a bit grumpy. What you can say to yourself is this: “Eventhough I feel a bit grumphy today, I still choose to make it a great day Because:1.2.3.”…
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Keep peace

Follow this 3 tips to keep peaceful relationships! You get bonus relationship tips In NEW STORY – the 7 week to take your power back online course. Stay tuned for more goodness to come your way. NEW STORY will be launched in late August 2023. In the meantime, you are welcome to join the free…
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Don’t know about you but I actually find it painful to witness another person beat themselves up❗️ Instead, I simply suggest that you treat yourself with kindness. Click here to listen in on YOUTUBE (1 min). While there are many ways to treat yourself with kindness i.e. speak to yourself the way you would speak…
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New Story

If you like many of us, myself included, find yourself on a transformational journey, Chances are that there will be PARTS of you who are not yet ready for the transformation that you seek to create 🙄 The good news is this There are tools that will greatly help you move forward so that you…
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Do you ever struggle to get more flow into your life and have it all go more smoothly? I know I have. But what I’ve found is that rather than forcing what ever you want to happen to come through – REAL power has NO force – I choose to SURRENDER. And I use this…
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Do you trust your intuition enough so that you to act on it? Intuition can be a great tool for guidance❣️ I belive most of us acknowledge the power of intuition, Yet a lot of the times we might not trust it enough to act on it. In my experience my intuition is always right…
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Intuition, or Critic?

The no 1 way to distinguish your intuition from your mind chatter is to be in a well-balanced state of mind and being❣️ What I means by that is this: If you feel stressed, your brain is overworking. And there could be a lot of mind chatter and even critical voices going on. Sometimes it…
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OWN your desire

As soulful solopreneurs, sometimes we loose touch with our desire. It can happen through disappointments and setbacks. Which may create a wall around your heart that prevents you from feeling your deep desire. It happened to me. Last year, I almost lost touch with my desire and passion for the ON TRACK Map and my…
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