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the ON TRACK map

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The ON TRACK map (the ON TRACK Map) and its 5 success principles is based on the premise that true success has to be created from the “inside out”.

It is designed so that you get to reach your goals based on a solid foundation of energetic and personal well-being that will have you feel more joy, ease and flow.

Who is the ON TRACK map for?

The ON TRACK map for any solopreneur, who would like to take a holistic approach to goalsetting.

You are tired of the old, more linear methods that makes you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

The old way of goalsetting and pushing through, simply doesn’t work for you anymore, you are ready to take a fresh, new approach to goalsetting that will have you more easily get into flow.

What set’s the ON TRACK map apart

  1. OTM takes a holistic and circular approach, it’s a firm, yet very flexible structure for success.
  2. OTM will help you reach your goals based on a solid foundation of energetic well-being.
  3. OTM serves as a visual reminder/mindmap that will show you your exact right next step.

ON TRACK – Online course

The easiest way to reach your goals to begin applying the ON TRACK map and its success principles is to sign up for the ON TRACK online course.

Click here to learn more about the ON TRACK online course.

What you get

Included in the ON TRACK online course

  1. The ON TRACK map journal guide with suggested daily practices and focus points for each of the 5 OTM success principles.
  2. One 1:1 coaching session with Michala Storm (value EURO 200)
  3. Access to the ON TRACK FB group for weekly accountability support

    By purchasing the ON TRACK online course, you automatically gain lifelong access to the course curriculum, including future upgraded versions.