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Time 2 Fly

NOW is always a great time to grown your self-leadership and re-commit to your goals!

What is Time 2 Fly?

Time 2 Fly is a highly personal journey of 6 months guided 1:1 sessions with Michala Storm.

The promise of Time 2 Fly is that you get to own your full personal power by accessing your old, childhood survival strategies & stories and transform them into adult, winning strategies & stories.

You will be lead through a very powerful personal process, where you get to use the “Time 2 Fly” journal & color book, as well as several other creative tools to help uncover your stories and collect the hidden gold & gifts that is hidden in those old stories.

Knowing your old story and how to use it to create a powerful new story is the goal of this course.

Who is it for?

Time 2 Fly is for you who:

  1. Is committed to your own personal growth and have done your fair share already.
  2. Have been unable to understand/see the patterns that has kept you stuck.
  3. Is ready to create your new story and fully and authentically express yourself.

How to apply

It is required that you have a connection call with Michala Storm before you enter this program.

Because of the high level of individualization and personal attention through out this program, Michala Storm can only take on a maximum of 3 participants at a time, which means that spaces are limited.

Click here to schedule a connection call with Michala Storm to see if this program is the right fit for you.


If you wish to combine the Time 2 Fly program with an optional stay you are welcome to book a stay through AirBnB.

This option is only available from May – September.