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Visual Goal Setting Coaching

Because your goals matter!

Who is Visual Goal Setting For?

  1. You might be in between jobs, looking to gain clarity and focus
  2. You could be a solopreneur, or wanting to become one
  3. You are working in the corporate world as part of a team

Why Does Visual Goal Setting Work?

  1. Visual Goal Setting helps establish new neural pathways in your brain
  2. Visual Goal Setting is more meaningful & memorable than the written word
  3. Visual Goal Setting is a fun and creative way to reach your goals

How do I get Visual Goal Setting Coaching?

You have a couple of options if you would like to learn visual goal setting:

  1. One 1:1 visual goal setting session EURO 149
  2. Package of 3 x 60 minutes 1:1 Visual goal setting coaching sessions EURO 297
  3. Visual goal setting membership club – ON TRACK – monthly membership USD 15

Unless you are a Danish Citizen, all visual goal setting coaching calls takes place over Zoom, or Skype. 


If you already know that visual goal setting is for you, I highly recommend that you choose option 1) or 2) because you will benefit from 1:1 laser focused coaching.

However, if you are simply curious and new to visual goal setting- you might just want to dip your toes into visual goal setting – then the ON TRACK visual goal setting membership club might be your best choice.

You will get access to the monthly teachings + Q & A calls, as well as many more bonuses and benefits. 

About Visual Goal Setting

What is Visual Goal Setting?

Simply put visual goal setting is all about making your goals visual, so that your goals becomes more meaningful and memorable to you.

Visual Goal Setting could take the form of drawings, collages and so much more.

While there a many approaches to visual goal setting, I have found that even though visual goal setting is a creative process – when it comes to real transformation and reaching your goals – you will need a clear roadmap to follow.

This is the reason why I have created the ON TRACK Map. 

The ON TRACK Map is a roadmap, which will help you gain the clarity that you need before you begin to set your goals.

Visual Goal Setting Coaching provides for you

  1. The ON TRACK Map as foundation for goal setting
  2. Visual goal setting templates for you to make it uniquely your own
  3. Instructions on how to do you own drawings 

Important note

You do NOT need to be able to draw to benefint for the visual goal setting teachings and methods – visual goal setting is not about perfection, it is about progress!